About New York
My name is Lars New York Andreassen, and I have made this
website in order to show a small part of the countless photos I
have taken during my vacations in New York City. The website
contains furthermore, a lot of good advice (in Danish) and links for
people who want to go to New York. Is this your first time to New
York, there will inevitably be a lot of questions you want answers to.
Of course a lot of tourist books can answer many questions,
but I have tried to gather the experience I have done in a short
and orderly manner.

If you have any questions that are not answered on the website,
please feel free to contact me by mail: lars@larsnewyork.dk

I hope the website will provide some inspiration to go to "The
Greatest City in the World ".


The City that never sleeps
There is something in
the New York air, that
makes sleep useless.
Perhaps it is that the
heart beats faster
than anywhere else.
The Greatest City in
the World